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A Mexican Inspired Thanksgiving

Mexico holds a special place in my heart. I associate it with love, as it’s where Abrahm and I were married nearly seven years ago, and beauty, as its storied craftsmanship and diverse cuisine excites and inspires me each time I visit. So when Etsy asked me to create a holiday themed tablescape, in time for Thanksgiving, Mexico immediately came to mind. My favorite destination on my favorite holiday! Win, win. With authentic Mexican pottery, rich leather details and paper goods, all sourced from Etsy, I put together a fall-themed spread that was ready for a Mexican inspired feast. Below are some tips on how to recreate this beautiful tablescape at home:

It’s all in the details: Luxe silk tassels from Woman Shops World, and mini 
Loteria cards from My Mercado, add the right amount of fun and whim!

Go the extra mile: Wow your guests by adding one of the most inexpensive, yet impressive, details to your table: a printed menu. There’s a plethora of Etsy vendors that can customize just about any paper invites, menus or place cards. Most of the time, you can request them to print them for you or if you want to just purchase the digital file, you can print them yourself with standard card stock. How sweet are these papel picado inspired menus from JP Stationary?
It doesn’t need to be fancy: Something as simple as putting fruits and nuts into small bowls can add the perfect amount of color and texture to any table. Plus, they’re perfect for snacking on post-meal!
Add color and texture: I love using simple white plates. Not only are they versatile, they are perfect layering in texture and color. I fell in love with these rich leather charges and was so happy to discover beautiful linens from Lakeshore Linen and vegetable tanned leather napkin holders from Bliss Craft And Brazen.
Candles, candles, candles: When it comes to candles, more is more. And that’s a good thing! Play around with no more than two colors and don’t hesitate experimenting with height.
Make it festive: Turn it up a notch with strung lights or paper flags. I got these papel picado flags customized from Lula Flora Designs with the word “gracias” on them. How fun would it be to save them as present toppers after the party is over?
(Thanksgiving recipes to be featured on HonestlyYUM all this month; photography by Ashley Batz, concept & art direction by Erica Coffman, styling by Bianca Sotelo, flowers by Natalie Bowen; this post was created in partnership with Etsy. All opinions are our own.)      

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