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Make It Mini: How to Bake Tiny Peppermint Donuts for the Holidays

Last week in our Make It Mini video series, we showed you how to make your own rainbow flapjacks for an adorable miniature brunch. Next up, we’re getting into the holiday spirit with some tiny peppermint donuts that Buddy the Elf would definitely approve of - and probably pour maple syrup all over TBH. Just grab a few simple ingredients (including your favorite o-shaped cereal), a spiked hot cocoa, your go-to Christmas movie and get ready to eat a dozen donuts without feeling too guilty.
Just how adorable are these festive donuts? The no-bake treats were created with o-shaped cereal, a sugar glaze and crushed peppermint. No teeny tiny oven required here!
If you want to go beyond just bingeing on dozens and dozens of “donuts” - no judgment - these also work great as cupcake decorations or milkshake and ice cream toppings. Pair ’em with a chocolate peppermint shake, a life-sized donut, some roasted marshmallows and plenty of whip cream for the ultimate holiday treat.
by:Katie Bond

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